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Why choose Our Own Candle Company when there are so many other candle companies out there?

And what's with the name?

Many years ago, in a land far, far away (it was actually 1998 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey), we operated a Home Decor business that had a large importing division. One of the items we imported were decorative candle lamp shades. We ended up with just a few too many of them, so we decided to search for a high quality yet affordable candle that the shades could fit onto for us to sell in our retail stores. We wanted the best scent, the best color and the best burn, and we just couldn't find one. Especially one for under ten bucks! So we decided to source wax, wicks, fragrance, glass jars, etc. and start Our Own Candle Company(get it?). Making great candles is now our specialty, and it's all we do. And we love it!

Enjoy what we think is the perfect candle. Proudly made in the USA.

Affordability. There are different categories in this market. Extremely overpriced candles with big brand names, and extremely low priced candles that are either imported, or made from low quality materials. Our candles are VERY affordable and the quality is as good or better than any other candle out there. It's a niche that we are comfortable in.

Variety. Not only do we carry up to 50 different scents, we make them in a lot of different styles! We bring out new scents every year, and seasonal scents throughout the year as well! We have also added a line of handmade soaps. After our success with the candles we worked just as hard to develop our handmade soaps. There are lots of scents, and base materials to check out. Try them out, you won't be sorry.

Quick Order Processing. Nobody likes to wait for their orders. You order candles, you want them as fast as possible! We want you to have them. We ship orders within one business day. We ship from Northern Ireland and can get you your candles with just a couple of days. Sometimes even the next day!

Quality, Quality, Quality. Lets say it again... QUALITY. You are not paying for a low quality candle with an affordable price. You are paying for the highest quality candle you can get for an affordable price. It's what we do! Look below for some of the reasons we're the best! 

We’re a Family at Our Own Candle Company

And we love to convey that in the candles we create for you. Each of our rustic candles is reminiscent of the simple, joyful memories of home. We’re corny and we’re ok with it! Couldn’t you tell from our name?

Twenty Years on, we’ve made what we think is the perfect homespun candle. Our small factory in the outskirts of Findley Lake, New York produces a wide variety of long-lasting, affordable candles made with our own natural, soy blend candle wax.

And now our humble venture has moved onwards to the great isles of our proud cousins in the UK. These are new times for us, and yet we couldn’t feel more welcome. So please, enjoy our candle, leave any questions and feedback, and most importantly...

Welcome to the Family :)

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